Jan 262010

Well. Akiva is five. Everyone always says they grow up fast. I can’t believe it. He is still my little boy. But he is becoming more of a big boy everyday.

We had 6 of Akiva’s friends over for a party last Friday. All well behaved Chinese boys and (one) girl. We had cake, them games.

They have lived their lives in China so far. Generally speaking, this is a good thing. They speak 3 languages. They play with Chinese and Japanese children (and in the future will eventually play with more Americans). They live next to their school, which they really enjoy going to. Akiva is learning how to write English and Chinese. They are happy.

At the party, Akiva played host. Neither freaked out about other children playing with their toys. I would even say that Akiva was the leader of the bunch.

The party broke into about two to three sub-groups, centered around the play room, games in the living room, and whoever wanted to run around playing Ultraman. Notice how many toys my children have! I think its a little over-the-top. We (and by we, I mean grandparents) spoil the children.

It sounds sad, but I think many Chinese kids don’t play board / table games. None of them have seen “Hungry Hungry Hippo”. Personally, I sort of feel I should get rid of this one, because Kenaz always starts crying when playing this (and 50% of the time jumps on Akiva and starts hitting Akiva). We also played this fishing game, which makes me get dizzy. We also did hand-tattoos.

It was a fun party. The children liked et. Haga organized it. No injuries , fights, or crying (except Hungry Hippo related incident). We are proud of our little boys.

By the way, this is the view from our new place. We get to see Akiva and kenaz’s kindergarten.

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