Nov 052009

On Wednesday was Kenaz’s Sport’s Day. Thursday was Akiva’s Sports Day. Lets make this clear… Sports Day is an event made for Chinese parents. On Sports Day, the kids do easy, pointless jumping-through-hoops games, while everyone listens to bad, loud pre-recorded music song by kids on Ritalin (or grown-ups pretending to be kids).

Akiva liked it. But Akiva likes playing with his friends. I don’t think they really play though. They just sort of bump into each other, grap each other, run around, jump up and down in place, then make Ultra-Man poses. Akiva is part of a group of four boys who were always at the back of the line, and always running off the line. He showed no respect for his teacher’s authority.

The children didn’t perform any flat-out races or real competitive activities. However, I’m pretty sure Akiva is the fastest and most athletic boy in the class.

The teachers kept calling “Attention!”. The slightly older kids would then put their hands at their sides and stand up straight, like soldiers. Some in Akiva’s class did this. Akiva remained a jelly-fish. Which is fine. I don’t want Akiva to learn the military style yet.

Kenaz didn’t do anything. He was turned off by all the people and the noise. He didn’t cry like some kids. But he would not do any activity. The class Aiyi held his hand most of the time. Kenaz knows how to work the grown-ups.

In other news, Akiva’s front-bottom teeth fell out.

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  1. Don't forget to tell the tooth fairy where you live!

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