Oct 202009

Akiva’s best friend in his class got Hand-foot-and-mouth disease a week ago. I knew Akiva would get it. Tuesday his teacher called me there were red rashes on his hands. Last year doctor miss-diagnosed him HFMD, so I asked a kindergarten doctor to take him to hospital. Akiva and Kenaz were segregated and came home earlier. When I see Akiva’s hand I knew this time he really got HFMD. However Akiva didn’t have fever (although he was very fussy), now he has sore mouth.
He had a lot of energy we went to a Sweet Osmanthus Park to climb at castle. Wednesday night Kenaz had fever and now has sore mouth. They cannot eat anything but ice cream!

I feel little bit lucky. Since I came back from Europe I needed more rest. Jesse and I take a turn from work and stay home with kids.

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