Aug 302009

Summer is almost at its end. It was actually cool today, although I suspect in the next two months there will still be more hot hot days ahead.

On Tuesday Kenaz will start school. We’ll post about how that goes. I’m worried. Kenaz (like myself and Akiva) is rather anti-social. And he’s a little baby. So I’m more worried about him going to school. On the other hand, his teacher will be the same teacher Akiva had last year, and we like her.

Kenaz has learned how to doggy paddle and roller-skate. Akiva can now roller skate and his freestyle swim is pretty good ( can’t get him to breath on the side yet though)

In other news, we have expanded our noodle repertoire to include Taiwanese-style street noodles. Usually 10RMB a bowl, served in the Taiwanese restuarant in Times Square shopping mall, and in the Taiwanese restaurant near Papa John’s on Xingdu Rd. and Suhui Rd. (苏惠路和星都街). Pretty good but a little too much pork flavor for my taste. However, I like the shaved-ice and bean desert which we get after the meal.

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