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Jesse and I had a beautiful wedding at temple in San Diego on August 8th, 1999. I was very sick a week before my big day. I had a fever yet I had to finish making my wedding gown (I used my grandma’s silk kimono). When Jesse had a bachelor party in San Diego, I was a tour leader and drove my families from LA to Las Vegas. I was still very sick. Jesse gave me some medicines which made me dry and super drowsy. I am so glad I didn’t become a tragic bride(I have no memory how to get to Las Vegas).

During our wedding ceremony, I couldn’t stop coughing. I held into my cough and slowly let my cough go from my nose which made me tears and made some guest cry. After the beautiful ceremony by Robbie, I was a bride driver. I had to put my families into a van and drove to my reception at beach side hotel. I didn’t have a make up artist nor hair stylist. I did all by my self. I rushed into a bathroom and checked my self. My hair was messy and my mascara made me looked like a panda, yet I was young, skinny and very beautiful.

It’s been 10 years. Jesse was looking forward to do something special at our anniversary. He wanted to make up for our honey moon which we never happened(we took my parents to redwood forest mountain in Santa Cruz after our wedding). However 3 days before our anniversary, my mom called me and wanted to visit us in Suzhou. It was so great to see my families again in abroad to create the similar situation we had 10 years ago. Yes, I had to be a tour leader again (at least I wasn’t sick) but nothing can replace the joy of family. Akiva, Kenaz and Hiromi’s daughter Shihori and Nahoko draw a big poster to celebrate our anniversary.

Smile in front of the poster

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  1. Ten years later and you are still a beautiful bride. Skinny too!

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