Jun 252009

Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Centre

We went an opening night of Transformers 2 at SSCAC on Wednesday 24th June, which is a brand new movie and opera theaters.

Previously Jesse took Akiva to watch a Star Trek movie on his birthday. Akiva was able to sit through during the movie. Next weekend we all went together. Akiva and Kenaz talked and rolled around on the seat. However I had really good time. I haven’t gone to movies since the last Star Wars came out in 2006 (that was also Jesse’s birthday).

A SSCAC movie theater has a big red cushy seat with good space between seats. It was very comfortable to watch movie. It was also very relaxed atmosphere. Most locals keep their cell phones on and talk on the phone during movie. I felt OK when Akiva started asking questions about the story loudly.

That day was also the last day of final test for all local schools. I thought fewer kids would appear after their final. We left home 7:30 to catch 8:00 English language show. The line wasn’t long. I was sure we can see the movie. Akiva was so excited and could not hold his jet and asked me to buy popcorns. In this movie theater a food stand is out side of a ticket office. I bought a large bucket of popcorns and sodas. Kenaz actually told me not want to go to a Star Trek place because it was dark and scary. I told him cheerfullywe are going to see a Transformers!!!
Jesse came to us sadly and said all tickets were sold out that night. We went home with big popcorns and watched a Transformers 1 on TV.

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