May 232009

When we returned from San Diego, we were a little too busy to put the last post up right-away. Then the Great Firewall of China started blocking access to Blogger. Now I’m using a free, not-very-good VPN service called Hotspot Shield. Its add supported and so very annoying, but atleast now I can post. Anyway…

The kids made new friends with Sammy and Lilly.

I had an operation on my sinuses. I’m not going to get into the details of how and why. But anyway I am now a little healthier.

We went to SeaWorld twice. Actually, Haga and the boys went four times… Haga LOVES Shamoo.

We had more family dinners. Great-Grandma was a little bit surprised by how wild my children are.

Dinner was always great. One night, Rachel made Guacamole. We had that as a topping for BBQ steak and salmon and salad, with that rice-shaped pasta dish on the side. (the following pictures were taken by Akiva…he is following in his father’s footsteps into being a professional food photographer).

Our flight home was relatively easy. The kids slept a while and when they woke up, generally speaking, the didn’t fight.

When we arrived, the “silver people” (yes…obscure Jefferson Airplane reference there) boarded the plane to take our temperature, make sure we don’t have Swine Flu. At the time, I was still coughing a lot. So everyone around me was nervous…not because they thought I had the flu, but because they didn’t want to get quarantined with me.

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