May 282009

Akiva has some changes after coming back from San Diego.

We came back on Thursday night and that weekend Akiva took off his support wheels from his bike. He practiced with Jesse until Jesse didn’t want to bend over to hold Akiva’s bike on Sunday. That Sunday was very hot. I got very tired and impatient when I was helping Akiva. Jesse and I thought he wasn’t ready.

During weekday our babysitter who is short and good squatting skill helped Akiva. By Wednesday, Akiva was able to ride a bike by himself. All our neighbors wowed at him. Now he is so comfortable he can ride with one hand and the other hand waved at me. Now at least two grand moms are convinced to take off support wheels and practicing with their grandchildren.

Jesse has been encouraging Akiva to ride the elevator by himself. Before we left for vacation, he never would do this. Then just recently, after Jesse and Kenaz went downstairs first, Akiva followed in the next elevator by himself. Later that day he brought his girl-friend up to the apartment to play (her mom was annoyed because it was her dinnertime and she didn’t go home). Now he also can use the key to lock and unlock the front door, which is difficult because the lock and door-handle are heavy. All of a sudden, he has a lot more independence. But he still likes to sit in front of the TV with his fingers in his mouth. So we are not worried about him running away. Yet.

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