Apr 222009

Went out with Tony and ate delicious Sushi.

Earth day celebration in Balboa Park. They played with the snake and the snake girl. Lots of other hippy-types there. Also the weather got very hot. It was 90 F.

My brother Micah and Akiva. We saw beautiful flower children and Reggae music. There were right-side wackos too, like a big anti-Abortion section, complete with 6-foot tall posters of mangled fetuses. The Earth day organizers put up a sign warning: “Protect your children from the images ahead: Earth Day organizers could not force the extremists in the following area to abide by the Earth Day event standards charter.” Micah got into debates with some of them. I couldn’t be bothered though…not going to pick fights with extremists while on vacation. I will save up my fighting energy for when I get back to Suzhou and take a taxi.

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