Apr 192009

The kids are having a good time playing in the pool, playing with family & friends, playing with new toys, and playing with the dogs.

We had a good Passover Seder on Thursday. Not too big. 22 people or so. We did the whole thing: prayers, 4 cups of wine, matzo, moror (bitter herbs), dinner w/ beef brisket, veggies, matzo-ball soup, gefilte fish, chopped liver. The Afikomen. More prayers. It was good.

We didn’t take pictures. We were too tired. I’m writing this post on Monday and I’m still not over the jet-lag.

Tony came on Friday. For all Female viewers of this site (hmmm…and male viewers), Tony is single and he says he is heterosexual. OK. As long as I have known him, he has always exhibited heterosexual dating patterns, combined with homosexual shopping and grooming habits.

With Tony, we went to eat Vietnamese food at a little place located on Convoy St.

Dipping sauces

Pho (with rare beef and tendon) is great.

BBQ Beef rolls (wrapped around spring onions). Great

Shrimp-and-pickled-veggie salad. Very Thai. Great.

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