Apr 162009

Travel to San Diego: 2 hours car ride to Pudong airport; 2 hours wait in airport; 11 hours in plane; 1 hour US customs; 2 hours car ride from LA to San Diego. 18 hours total. Both children threw up on the plane and Kenaz peed in his pants. Haga and I didn’t really sleep. In-flight movies included Toy Story; some Chinese film; Speed Racer (which looked really stupid). China Eastern food service included mainly fish noodles and pork-rice.

The sky is not completely blue. Its windy here. Cold in the shade. Less moisture in the air so it feels cooler. When we arrived in San Diego we went in the Jaquizy. Then played with Legos. Then went to bed at 7. Kids woke up at 1 AM and wnated to play. I got them back in bed at 2:30 AM. We woke up at 9:30. My father made delicious Matzoh brie for us.

We walked through the canyon to the neiborhood park. The kids enjoyed picking up sticks, seeds, and pine-cones. This is something I really miss in China…natural parks.

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  1. Shanghai ‘s heavily raining now bloody freezing

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