Apr 112009

We had a small Passover Seder. We didn’t invite people are make a big deal because I have been sick (and coughing). So we did the basics. “My First Passover” board-book served as our Haggadah. Chinese cilantro for our greens. Celery tops as the bitters. Charoset. Matzoh. Wine. Egg. We ate matzoh-ball soup, matzoh and mashed-egg (with salt-water added). Matzoh and smoked salmon w/ cream cheese. Overall, a nice Seder.

For desert, we ate chocolate covered Matzoh.

BTW, we are going on vacation to the United States, leaving on April 14th and comming back to China on May 6th. We intend to have a last-day-of-Passover seder with my parents in San Diego when we arrive. We are really excited about our up-comming trip.

In other news, its Spring. We are going to miss Spring in Suzhou…all three weeks of it. By the time we get back, its going to be hot. Today, Haga took the kids (with friend Shiholi-chan) to ShiziLin. There were too many people there, so they went to the Humble Administrator’s Garden. And then they rode a boat down Pingjiang Rd.

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