Feb 152009

The Rabbi Gimlel definitely would not advice eating this.

Today we went to our (previous) Aiyi’s daughter’s son’s 1 month birthday party. Not sure why Chinese celebrate birthday party after one month. I know that Chinese traditionally start counting a persons age as “1 year old” when they are first born (so Akiva is considered 5 years old). I think they celebrate the birth a month after birth so as to give the mother time to recuperate. Anyway, we went to the party. Which was, as far as I can tell, exactly like the daughter’s wedding party (see here)

This party, like the wedding party, started at lunch time. So a lot of people there had gone through this banquet twice. We sat with about 100 other people, on flimsy plastic stools, in a mobile wood canopy-like structure between two apartment buildings. Below is a description of the dinner.

1. The food starts off with a few dishes. I think this included beef jerky, some tripe looking stuff. Assorted nuts. Chicken strips. More tripe looking stuff. Lotus stuffed with sweet rice. A shrimp dish.

2. Fish and turtle and some mushroom dish is brought out. I did not eat it; don’t like fish with bones, don’t like turtle, don’t like pork in the mushrooms.

3. Bananas and tangerines are brought out. Aiyi’s husband brought out the rice wine, which I drank. He also brought out packs of expensive prestige-brand cigarettes for the men. As I don’t smoke anymore, I gave the cigarettes to Akiva to use. The women were given boxes of fermented eggs. Hmmm.

4. Lastly, the main pork fat ball thing, pork-and-radish soup, another shrimp dish, something which I suspect is pork knee-caps, crab-in-a-lot-of-sauce dish, “Birthday noodles”, stir-fried Chinese bean sprouts, stir-fried spinach, and rice.

5. After dinner, we all walk up five flights of stairs to say hello to the new mother, who didn’t come down for the party. Just like at our Passover Sedar, the young boys gather around to watch older boys play video games. After this, Aiyi’s older-sister’s son, a taxi driver, took us home. We had a great time. Even though we are bloated from pork grease and rice wine, and we smell like food and cigarettes.

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