Jan 242009

Akiva is imitating a facial expression from transformer robots.

Akiva had his 4th Birthday Party at Gymboree on Friday. Actually his birthday is on 1/25, but Chinese New Years is starting and many friends would be out of town or having dinner with family on Chinese New Years, so we had his Birthday party early.

Everyone had a fun time. We ate chocolate moose cake and had a lot of sugary snacks. Akiva is a great party host. He tends to share his time equally amoung his friends in order to create harmony (gets that from his mother). We had Japanese friends, Chinese friends, and 2 Americans (although one of those spoke Chinese and the other spoke Japanese).

We got him a 250RMB Transformer toy, and a 80RMB Transformer toy. At Toys R’Us, they have Transformers in Very Large, Large, Medium (the 250RMB), and small. They also have new “Animated series” Large, Medium, and small (80RMB). They also have non-transforming Transformer “figures”. We got Kenaz the small Animated series Transformer called “Bumblebee”. But its a little too difficult for him. And the medium size “Optimus Prime” Transformer was too difficult for Akiva. So the next day I returned it to the store and bought a six pack of small transformers (they did not havre the small Animated Series Optimus Prime in stock … Akiva can probably play with that one). But of the six-pack of small Transformers – which costs around 250RMB… the toy quality is that of a Cracker-Jack toy. Already one of the six – “Megatron” has broken. But anyway Akiva is happy with his toys.

Catching bubbles.

Jumping off from a neck of diplodocus.

The other bumber is that somehow all the pictures we took of the party got corrupted. I think that maybe there was a bad USB connection on the camera when Haga transfered them to my computer. So we had to borrow other people’s pictures to post here. It does not matter though. The party was good. Kids had a lot of fun. The Gymboree staff played games like “jump from the head of the dinosaur” (pictured above). The staff cut out early when they brought out the Gym-Bo Clown to dance with…Akiva and his friends went into Ultraman mode and kept attacking it without mercy.

Its now -1C – -6C outside. Chinese New Years started and the country is shutting down. My office assistants are both riding hard-seat 25 hour-plus train rides so that they can get back to their families for the New Years. We are going to just have fun staying inside and playing with toys for a few days.

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