Jan 022009

First of all…Happy New Years and belated Happy Hanukkah!

[This post is late…was having Great Firewall of China related connection problems…sorry.]

My New Years Resolutions:
1. The usual stuff (be a better father, get in shape, be a better husband, etc)
2. Make at least 10K USD more money this year than last year…even if it means taking a night job teaching English to dumb kids.
3. Lose 1 pound a month over the next year in weight.
4. Start a new business stories blog to compliment this blog, so that I can sell myself as a business expert.
5. Take Akiva to at least one service at a Jewish temple this year.

In other news…

We didn’t buy the kids any toys (except some cheap $2 plastic lightsabers to fight with). We want to save money, but the real reason is that we have too many toys around the house and right now the kids are very happy to play with lego blocks and other block variants. Also, anytime we get a new toy, we need to get the same toy for both boys, even if it is not age-appropriate for Kenaz. Anyway, Akiva’s birthday is comming up on January 25th. We already got some new Ultraman spaceship-planes. And recently, Toys R’Us openned up.

We walked around today and bought Twister and 4 more cheap swords. But anyway, this means that things are going to be tougher for the Grandparents…not good to ship toys from the US, which are made in China, when we can now buy the same toys here in China. That being said…[this comment for Grandparents]… they did not have an American checkers set.

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  1. 杰西同学,新年计划不错啊,加油啊。祝,杰西,Haga,Akivia and kenas 新年快乐!

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