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Whenever Jesse and I want to say something we don’t want kids to hear, we spell out the word like “Do you want to watch ‘m. o. v. i. e’ after kids sleep? ”. We learned that from our friends Heidi and Eric. It works great to keep a little secret from Akiva and Kenaz.

Yesterday I took Akiva and Kenaz to to an indoor play ground while Jesse was at home working on his project. They had a great time playing a ball pool and trampoline. Two hours passed very quickly and Kenaz needed to take a nap. When we came out the play ground, a next door ice cream shop had a promotion for get two scoops and give one scoop free (we cannot miss it). While we were indulging ice cream, Akiva said to me we cannot tell daddy we had ice cream because he would be jealous. I agreed with him.

When we got home, Akiva told Jesse, “After the play ground, we went to a ‘o. p. p .p. e’ store”. Of cores Jesse didn’t understand what Akiva was talking about because his spelling was complete out of no where. However I was laughing because Akiva did understood a little secret should spelling out.

Akiva now can write his name on the board. We have been teaching him writing ABCs over this vacation.

Kenaz started asking “why?” whenever we ask him to do things.

Since the Times Square Shopping Mall has opened, we go to a Burger King and Toysrus often. Last night Kenaz had a little bit of stomach issue. He didn’t want to walk. He kept asking me to pick up. He ate a bit of French fries at a Burger King and we went to a Toysrus. When Kenaz squatted and rode a display police wagon, he called me and said “poop came out”. Because Kenaz’s toilet training was easy and perfect, he never wet his pants. I didn’t understand what he said. I thought he wanted to go to a bath room. The closest bathroom is very far we have to go down stairs from 3rd floor to 1st floor and go out of building and go in another building. I asked him if he can hold it or if I should carry him and run to the bath room. Kenaz said “no, I already pooped so do not pick me up”. It was his first time said not pick up.

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  1. Your sons will love you when they get older for telling the world all about their potty habits and pooping their pants! I love your stories!

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