Dec 272008

Went to a very cool noodle shop in ShiHuiFang today. Its called DongWu Noodles (东吴面官). Its a chain so you can find it in other places in Suzhou. Trivia fact: Dongwu used to be the name of Suzhou during the Three Kingdoms era. Anyway, its clean with sort of traditional Chinese decor. About 5 shops down from Bullfighter, which is on the XingDu Rd. (星都街) side of the shopping street.

Basically, you order either red soup or white soup. Then you order toppings. The red soup is a little sweet, but I thought it was OK. The white soup is salty. The soups are lighter than, say, LanZhou lamian. The noodles were fresh. The toppings were pretty good…but made for Suzhouren, so sort of bland.

We ate 2 bowls of soup (although most foreigners who are not on diets would have one bowl to themselves), 2 orders of wheat glutton balls, 1 fried greens, and Hongxiao beef. Total cost was 39RMB. Next time I go, I think I will try the fried noodles or the fried niangao (rice-noodle-thing). The staff was relatively good. On the plus side, the greeter pro-actively took our stroller and made us feel good. On the bad side, they only gave us two spoons…at a soup restaurant.

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