Dec 262008

Super Jewish Japanese Powerrangers have come to kick butt at the Professional Way Ltd. Christmas Party!

In this picture you can see many of the hot, very very intelligent, very very under-paid women I work with. We did secret Santa. Spending limit was 20RMB (about $3…hey…did I mention we are all under-paid?). I bought three pirated French DVDs (the Red, White, and Blue movies from that French Polish director Whatshisface) for my French speaking co-worker. I received a little toy car which I’m sure only cost like 5 RMB.

See the blondie? He’s taller than me. Looks dorky IMO but Chinese girls go crazy for the blond hair. Guy sitting at the back is my boss of 4.5 mostly happy (yet underpaid) years, Dr. Gene Dorris, Phd. in spurrious Mao ZeDong quotes.

Akiva started teaching Kenaz and Issac (Gene’s son…same age as Kenaz) break-dancing moves.

Christmas party break-dancing dance-off was pretty fun to watch.

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