Nov 282008

We were planning to go to a restaurant to eat Beijing duck for celebration of Thanksgiving.We heard a famous Beijing duck chain “Quanzheda” Suzhou branch was closed.We had no other plan. It was cold and windy outside. We ordered in very much so so Mexican food.

Akiva, Kenaz and I picked colorful fall leaves and made a ornament for Thanksgiving decoration. When I asked Akiva whom or what you would like to thank for? I was very happy to hear Akiva said “Mommy and Daddy”.
We celebrated the second night of Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. I came home a hour earlier than usual and prepared the dinner. I was very proud of my “Thanksgiving inspired” dishes, although my stuffing and dressing was too watery. My non-oil tofu brownie was excellent (Akiva and Kenaz helped me to make the desert).
“I am very thankful for Jesse who is always very supportive of me.”

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