Nov 102008

Akiva’s sports day came at his kindergarten.

Last year he was a quickest runner. This year he is still fastest one (I think).

Last year Akiva was clinging on me and wanted me around him all the time. This year Akiva did all sports activities by his self (although most the kids still wanted parents to do the activities together). I was very proud of him. He was excellent at all actives.
Akiva is the wildest one. When he got board he run away, and other kids followed him. He came back and check me up occasionally. Most the time he was somewhere.

After the sports day, he grabbed a lunch box and asked me if I have to go to work. I told him “yes”. I walked back to his class room with him. He sat with his friend and said good bye to me and started eating. Again I was very proud of Akiva. He was very independent. He had his own world at school. I as mom am no longer a center of his life. I promised myself to be a little bit nicer to him and want to support him whenever he needs.

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  1. Our wild boy looks like an angel.

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