Nov 012008

[Jesse] Its not easy to tell from the picture above and below, but I am dressed up as “Melamine Man” for Halloween. My shirt has the chemical formula for Melamine on it, Melamine written in Chinese and English, and parts of a milk carton (“90% fat free”, “Pure Milk”, “GuangMing brand”. The Chinese thought it was interesting; I got to say my costume is really the scariest in all China.[/]

[Jesse] Suzhou has quite a few stores that sell video games, anime collectables, robotech-type models, and new hip-style dolls (I don’t know how to describe them…Google “Giant Robot” and you will understand). You can get translated comic-books in a few places…not many though. But yesterday was the openning of a new store which sells the above items, plus WESTERN comics (DC, Marvel, graphic novels, etc) and ROLEPLAYING GAMES. My new friends Syn and Bret openned the store in JiaCheng Gardens Building (the appartment complex behind the Starbucks on JinJi and Xinghai roads).

Currently they don’t have a lot of stock, but they say they are filling up the store. They will soon sell board games like monopoly and risk. It seems the video games they sell are actually NOT counterfeit…they may find the 2 or 4 people in China that actually buys non-counterfeit games. Syn is a GM of a factory, but his real passion is RPGs…Syn and Bret are partners in a small company which publishes RPGs and card games. Not well known ones but hey, its still cool.

I have never heard of any story in China selling Western comics nor pen & paper roleplaying games. Half the store is filled with tables for kids to game on. I think in Syn and Bret’s vision, this store becomes a nerd-geek development zone. Corrupting the youth of China; I wish them a lot of success in spreading the RPG / gamer culture in China. China needs it. [/]

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