Nov 222008

Aviva’s school had a day trip to a Tianping mountain park on Friday. It was a perfect weather. We rode a bus from his school to Mudu going through SND. Suzhou is very flat with a lot of cannels and lakes. I was excited to see the mountain.
The mountain reminded me a rock mountain in desert in outside of San Diego where Jesse and I climbed to see sun rise in New Year’s Eve.
Most the Chinese moms have been visited to the park during their school life. They weren’t interested in conquer the top of mountain. Akiva was happy to be with his Ultrama best friends. I encouraged them to climb up. When we reached the middle, they all went down. Akiva and other friend kept going up. We saw a couple small caves and accomplished our journey. Form the top we saw a development of Mudu area.
Going down was a lot harder. Akiva slipped a couple time on steps. This dusty rocky mountain was very slippery. However we managed to go down safely.
Akiva and I were very tired. We took a quick nap on the bus. When we get back home, Kenaz just woke up from his nap. He was excited to see me. He had full of energy. I had no time to rest. Instead I ate a Snickers bar.

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