Oct 222008

Last night when we read an ABC book to Kenaz, he was able to say all the words (like apple, balloon, and cow). We were especially surprised when he said “L is for lion”.

Next day when I came back from work, our nanny was so excited to tell me, “Kenaz can say everything!!” He was able to say all body parts from head to toes, name of cars, lothes and a lot of every day materials in Chinese. Our nanny was so happy. She asked Kenaz a million times ‘how do you say auntie?”

That night he finally said “daddy”(3 weeks after Kenaz’s birthday).
He had a long period of time to be silent. Somehow he picked up baby sign language. When he needs to pee, he pats on his front. When he needs to poop, he pats on his back. When he wants me to sit next to him, he points on a chair. He used a lot of simple gestures to communicate with us (but he never did waving bye-bye and blowing kisses although we though him a lot).

When we asked him to speak, he was always shy to speak out.

His voice is still small like whispering. His tone is high like a small bird. It is so precious to hear him talking.

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