Oct 272008

Last Sunday Jesse and Akiva made their first ‘Jack O’Lantern’ . I was afraid Jesse would heart his self by curving. Instead he made a beautiful lantern.
This year Akiva wants to be an Ultaraman (off course). I used a hot glue gun to assemble his costume which was a big mistake. Hot glue was too hot to use on fabric, and I burned my finders. However I didn’t want to hand-sew. I did what I could do my best by the glue gun. Good thing is Akiva is still small and not critical about quality of costume. He was happy to put on anything unusual. On the other hand, Kenaz couldn’t understand our wired hype. He was scared and needed to be held.
After the party, Akiva and Kenaz saw some of big kids were already eating candies outside. They wanted to eat Pocky (chocolate covered biscuits). That made their night. Finally Kenaz wanted to walk by his self.

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  1. I’m very impressed by Jess’s pumpkin carving skills. Happy Halloween!

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