Sep 202008

Last weekend Haga took Akiva to a park with Akiva’s friend and Japanese parents. I took Kenaz to Lion Forrest Garden. That’s the garden with the stone (actually mostly concrete, but hey I’ll buy the illusion) maze. Kenaz had a great time.
About the milk scandal…

We have always used Wyeth and Dumex brands, which advertise that all the milk powder (but not vitamin addatives) are imported to China. I called Wyeth the other day and they said they told me they did a complete audit of their China facilities and found no trace of any bad stuff and their product nutrition value has always been up to the labeled standard. I did not call Dumex yet, but I am not too worried. I am more worried about chemicals and garbage in all the other stuff we eat.

This Melanine is not just in milk. Its in lots of wheat and soy products too. We do not drink soy milk every day, but most of what we drink has been made from fresh beans, so no worries there either. Most of the poisened children are in Beijing and one other province. This means that, although this shit has continuously seeped into the food supply, there were two large batches which in quantity. Same thing happened in 2004.

We drink some milk in coffee…not enough to cause problems. We add fresh milk to the children”s formula…not alot though. They have two bottles a day, or about 16 onces. And often one cup of yogurt. The fresh milk and the yogurt we get is from an organic brand which has a good reputation. But they found the Melanine in the Beijing-bottled products of that brand as well. Overall, I think we have protected ourselves well and there is no reports of people getting sick from the fresh milk or more expensive brand baby powder. Melanine is most dangerous for younger kids anyway.
Still. I would like to find, and then slowly kill all those fuck-heads who are responsible for this. Who is responsible? Well, there are the bad guys…the pig-fudgers who put this stuff in the milk. There are probably a lot of them in different places. No ethics at all. Then there are the local officials who colluded with the bad guys. Then there are the QA people in the milk companies who didn’t check. Then there are the purchasing people who bought the milk, probably knowing that it was too cheap to be right. And the upper management of those companies that didn’t approve the funds to buy the testing equipment (need somewhat expensive equipment…but not that expensive), and the supervisors who didn’t bother to check up on the purchasers, or got paid off not to check up. Off with their heads! Pig-Fudgers all of them!

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