Sep 212008

On my birthday, we went to a Shanghai Science and Technology museum.

[Jesse]To get there, we took the Express train to Shanghai, ate Burger King, walked .5 kilometers through the underground shopping center the entrance to Line 3, then switched to Line 2 at Central Park Pudong, took that 1 stop, got off the subway, then walked through the underground shopping center, then walked down to the sub-floor of the Museum, bought tickets, walked back up to the front gate, then went into the Animals Exhibit. Kenaz and Akiva wanted to be held most of this trip.[/]

Kenaz liked this part of exhibition very much. He didn’t want to move. He kept pulling our arms and pointing to it.

[Jesse] We are worried that Kenaz will become a gangster or have some other problems. He really liked this.[/]

Akiva liked a robot show most.

[Jesse] Word of advice to other parents who are reading this…the Robot Show is dark and a good place to close your eyes for a 20 minutes. Its a little loud, but you can probably tune-out the robots singing “We are the robot friends”…especially if you don’t understand Chinese. You may need the rest before continuing on, or before walking down stairs to the West side of the museum, then walking across the museum to the East exit, then walk from the exit through another underground shopping center in order to get to the subway entrance. Why did they design it this way?[/]

Akiva and Kenaz have own strong opinions and they are very stubborn like their daddy. Some time I get very exhausted to dealing with them but I am very lucky and happy to be able to celebrate my birthday with my family.

[Jesse] And I am so lucky and happy to have such a warm, passionate, practical, young, and sexy wife. [/]

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