Sep 292008
Kenaz turned two.  We had a party in the front quad.  It was a beautiful day for a party.  We sort of had a blue theme going for us.

 I got a street-BBQ vendor to come to our complex and provide BBQ chicken, beef, and squid.  The Chicken was excellent.  The squid was pretty good.  The beef sucked.  But overall very fun.  We go too much food because I thought lots of people would come out of their appartments and walk downstairs to get food… I would end up feeding the whole complex.  But many people are away on vacation, so this did not happen.  We also served home-made salsa, and my tuna-fish w/ cucumber dish.  And Haga made cookies, but she forgot to take them outside, so in the end I ate most of them.

Our Piñata became a most popular event which many kids are looking forward.
Haga made the Pinata.  She possibly over-engineered its construction, cause it was near impossible to break appart.  

How come everytime we do Pinata some big old kids try to get in on the action?  Anyway, it was a good party.  We had about 14 adults, more or less a good mix of Americans, Japanese, and Chinese. (It was funny when Akiva called people over to do the cake, he yelled “Get over here!” in all three languages).

Kenaz is very happy to receive his favorite airplanes from Grandpa and Grandma.

Unfortunatly, Kenaz was a little sick and just overwhelmed with being the center of attention.   But when we openned up presents he became much happier.
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