Aug 042008

Lately not much has been happening. I have been looking (slowly) for a new job. We intend (hopefully) to go back to the US for vacation in September. The Children are healthy, beautiful, and they (annoyingly) don’t listen to me at all. Haga is still (diligently) working at her job in a Japanese-oriented recruitment agency. I’m trying (fitfully) to get back into swimming. My grandmother recently celebrated (joyfully) her 90th birthday-party, but we (regretfully) could not go to America at this time to attend the party.

Some of my dear friends has recently left comments on posts from “the past”. Maybe they were google-ing my name and came up with a link to a post from 4 months ago about something or other…who knows. My point is this; if you want me to reply to you (and I hope you do), please leave your email address when you post a comment. Even if you have a blogger account, you need to put your email in the body of the message. This way, I can send you an email and we can catch up.

I intend to write up a opus post called “Everything you need to know about noodles”. Look for that in the near future.

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