Aug 252008

Akiva, Kenaz and I are at my parents’ house in Yokohama since Friday 22nd. Every morning Akiva, Kenaz, and their cousins Shi-chan(10 years old) and Naho-chan (5 years old) and their neighbor friends go to park to catch cicadas. There are so many cicadas. They catch twenty of them every time they go. Akiva loves his cousins. He followed everywhere they go. Shi-chan and Naho-chan think Kenaz is cute and baby. Kenaz lets them to hold him and pretend like he is cutie.

CostCo in Yokohama
We went to COSTCO and bought typical COSTCO things like huge pack of beef, muffins, and fruits. I bought some English children books for Akiva and Kenaz. We had COSTO pizza for dinner. Japanese COSTCO is the exactly same as one in California. In fact, all check-outs are non Japanese and they remind me of a comedy movie, Employee of the Month.

Chocolate Chocochip Muffin

We went to Science museum in Yokodai with my friend Ika-chan and her kids Lin-kun (7 years old) and Ei-kun (3 years old). Akiva enjoyed experimenting all kinds of science and space exhibitions.

Akiva wrestled with my collage friend Tsubo over Ultra man.

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