Aug 092008
For our anniversary dinner, Haga and I ate beef sausage and sauerkraut and a little bread (after saying Shabbat prayers)

It was our anniversary last night. I am luck and blessed to be married with Haga for 9 years now.

OK. We watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony. The kids couldn’t wait until the end, so we missed the Americans and Chinese coming out. Although I got to say some of the African and Caribbean teams looked much cooler anyway. I’m an anti-sports guy, as some know. And I’m very anti-Beijing Olympics. I don’t like the nationalism from Chinese. I don’t like things that call for people to artificially feel unity. I don’t like the hypocrisy of Western anti-China bloggers/commentators. I really don’t like the extreme disruption to the economy that the security measures are causing. And I’m just not into anything which is too cheesy… that includes Shamoo at Seaworld, Chinese any-event Extravaganza, many Hollywood movies, etc. But anyway, opening ceremony was awesome. I liked the foot-prints made with fireworks. I liked the Tai-ji guys running around. Didn’t like cute children doing cute children things though.

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