Jul 252008

Kenaz, 20 months old, hasn’t wanted to wear a dipper for a month. When he goes outside, our nanny takes his dipper off. He hasn’t been able to pee or poop outside. (I have mentioned before but Chinese babies, kids and adult males pee almost everywhere, and I stopped noticing them).

Jesse thinks we should wait until at least he can say “pee” (he doesn’t say “dada”, nor “mama”. On the other hand, he can say from 1 to 10). I said let’s go for it.

I pulled out Akiva’s little potty months ago but Kenaz hasn’t been interested in. I thought Kenaz wants to use the same regular toilet like Akiva does. I put away the potty. Yesterday, Kenaz kept pulling my shirts. I didn’t understand what he wants. He pulled my hand and pointed the potty which I put on top of his closet.

Then I smelled his fart.

I quickly grabbed the potty and pulled down his pants.

Wow, Kenaz did it for his first time!

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  1. cute!

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