Jun 302008

We are in a long rainy season this year. Every day it is rain. Last weekend was exception. We had a nice clear day. Jesse took us to a night market in west side of SIP on Saturday. We had Chinese style of BBQ skewer (xiaokao). It is actually a restaurant street. They put tables and chairs out. There are some beggars walking around to ask some money. I didn’t want them to disturb our dinner. I choose to sit inside. However Akiva suggested to sit outside. In fact he loved to look around people walking by. He paid 5 Yuan to buy a bag of steamed peanuts. We had a guy to play Chinese guitar and to sing Chinese kid’s song for us (20 Yuan per song). Of course some beggars came by. Aiva told an old beggar “NO!”.

Wuhan Famous Roasted Duck Neck
I thought BBQ was excellent. There was only a little bit of meat on skewer. So I can eat 20 skewers yet still hungry. I actually like a little meat part. It is quicker to cook and I don’t need to worry about too much if the meat is cooked or not. Kenaz is such a good eater. He grabbed a skewer by his self and enjoyed it (His favorite word now is “by myself” in Japanese). We all loved the taste and atmosphere. Sunday we went back again!

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  5 Responses to “Suzhou Night Market”

  1. Hi Haga!

    You look great, are you still working out? And Kenaz has very light skin, I’ll bet the Chinese love him 🙂

    The food reminds me of Thailand…can you believe it’s over 5 years since we were all there?


  2. Thank you for checking our blog. I have no time to work out. I miss my hip hop instructor. My both sons are adorable. You know China has a single child policy. Just having two boys we get a lot of attention. BTW, your going-to-be girl friend is very HOT!!

  3. oh,Kenaz already is a big boy!I still remember his 1st birthday party.your guys really know how to enjoy yourself.


  4. Hey are you Sophie Lu? Where are you? I call and you don’t pick up. I owe you money too! How is your baby?

  5. I miss you guys! I’m guessing you won’t be at the reunion? Look at those big boys. WOW.

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