Jun 222008

Akiva was part of a graduation ceremony yesterday…he graduated from “small small class” to “small class”. And to celebrate, the teacher dressed the whole class in traditional Chinese baby clothes called “Du-Bu” and then made them dance. (I have seen adult women in Shanghai wear the same Du-bu on the street BTW…but that is another story)

Note that Akiva’s face looks just like his mothers. So when he wear’s girly cloths, he really looks girly. I believe that if he hates his parents later in life, this may be one of the singular instances he will point to as evidence concerning how his parents messed him up (just as I point to my father getting frustrated with me when teaching me how to play catch with a baseball)

So Akiva’s class-mate Lou Xiao Yu (“Little Rain Lou” ) was supposed to dance with Akiva. Akiva stuck out his tounge out and being silly. The little girl kept pulling on Akiva and grabbing him. And Akiva just shrugged her off. Which tells me he is learning to not let himself be manipulated by the crazy girls who want him dance.

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  1. Men that are *metro-sexual* exponentially increases the chance of scoring with women. I know first-hand, hehehehe!

    So Akiva is getting a good early start, yes! I’ll save my True Religion jeans for him, as well as the tight shirts.

    Miss you guys…


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