May 202008

Last Saturday we went to our nanny’s daughter’s wedding banquet. Like our nanny who is from country side of Suzhou usually celebrates for 3 days of wedding feast.

I was able to fit into my old pre-pregnant dress.

Our nanny Ms. Zhu told me she will set up a wood house right down at her apartment, but it was really hard to imagine how they will organize their feast, because there is not much space outside. In fact, the wedding banquet had group 1 and group2 on Saturday. We were in group 1 to have a dinner started at 5:30. The 2nd group had a dinner at 7:00. Sunday was the same thing for lunch. the firt and the second group.We had appetizers of pistachios, cold jellyfish, edamames, then new plates stocked on top of other plates every 5 minutes. We had snake, turtle, fish, pig, sweet black beans, and more.

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