Apr 082008

Last weekend I took Akiva to a playground. There were many local kids about his age. One of boy wanted to climb up a ladder where Akiva was climbing up. He said “You stupid move out my way!” Chinese has many ways to express stupid but “little broken egg” is one of them. Some time grandma use “little broken egg” as “my little bad boy” with affection. Akiva somehow know it is not good meaning and said back to the boy, “I am not a little broken egg. My name is Akiva Covner.”

We had a lunch at restaurant mall that day. Most the people hang around and eat there are foreigners. Recently many beggars with plastic cup are asking changes in front of restaurants. Akiva walked up to one of old beggar and asked him what is inside of his plastic cup. He said “money.” Akiva said back “I want money!”

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