Apr 152008

I went to Jeremy’s wedding on Saturday in San Diego. The wedding was at the same temple where Haga and I got married years ago.

My father officiated the ceremony. He got a license making him the Deputy Commissioner of Marriage (for the day).

The bride Kelly was incredibly beautiful and the groom stylish

All the groom’s men wore Scottish kilts. They got big swords as party-favors. I told Jeremy before hand that I did not feel like bringing a sword back to China through customs, and I did not want Akiva to get ahold of said sword and start a life of medieval violence.

The Bride and Groom danced. So did a lot of guys in kilts danced to Irish / Scottish music. Those guys were not wearing underwear

After the wedding, we had a party, catered by Gail (my Aunt). Fresh Chumash, olives, chicken and fish kababs, Greek salad, pink champagne. Very good food. Also a keg of Guinness beer…which I drank a lot of.

I sat with my friend Brad Decker, who I have not seen for about 6 years. I also hung out with Dan Sutherd, who I have not seen in 20 years. Brad runs lighting for theater productions in Switzerland. He also sometimes does choreography. Dan runs a mail-order nursery in Eureka California and likes art photography. His site is: http://www.drsfoto.com/

My sister Rachel and my brother Micah. They say I’m drunk…nuh uh!

My mom looks great!

Later, I took a nap on this bench.

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  1. I cannot believe I am missing all fun in San Diego. Jeremy’s wedding looks beautiful. And I cannot believe he had a wedding at the same temple. Jeremy and his newly wife make great couple. You look good too. I wish you also wear costume without underwear. All your family looks great!

  2. Wow, it is amazing to see all those old but familiar faces from back in the day. I wish all of the joy in the world and happiness to Jeremy and his new wife.

    Cija bcija@hotmail.com

  3. Aww, thanks Cija! Thank you, too, Haga, we miss you! I can’t believe Jesse posted so many pictures. It’s great! I wish everyone could have been there. It really was a great time. We’ll have a website up with more pix in a few weeks, but both of us are super busy right now and not a whole lot of time to compile, edit, and upload photos. Miss you all. Keep in touch. Mucho amor! ~Jeremy

  4. I cannot believe Jeremy got married, would you please send him my regards! Congratulations Jeremy! you guys look very good!!
    PS That is not the girl I met back in San Jose is she?

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