Apr 182008

Carne asada burrito. Ummm Ummm good. Found in cheap Mexican restaurants all around California.

Bowties and Cottage Cheese. A Covner favorite.

$1.50 Hot dog (with Sourkraut), and diet Coke…from Costco.

My friend Tony came and visited me from Northern California. He is trying to seduce single white men. (I’m married BTW)

We went to eat Sushi with my sister Rachel. I didn’t take pictures of the Sushi. Tony said it was not that good. I thought it was OK, but overpriced…just like everything else in San Diego.

We also went to the beach. I look cool. Not surfer cool. But very cool. Tony, on the other hand, bragged about his 6% body fat.

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  1. I miss a dollar for three good tacos in Tijuana.

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