Feb 172008

Akiva loves ice cream most!

Muslim Noodle Soup

This is a seafood varient found at the Muslim eatery behind the resort. When we went to the night-market, we had a beef-guts varient that was very good. Also, this comes with either thin rice noodles, thick rice noodles, ramen noodles, or yellow egg noodles.

Hotel Worker Food

We ate at the cafeteria for hotel workers in the area. Rice. Really spicy squid and bean stuff, and mildly spicy chicken and been sprouts. Also tapioca ice tea. How can food so good hurt me so much?

Pinapple Fried Rice

You get this in the States in many Thai restaurants. Tastes about the same in Thailand but the shrimp is better.

Spicy and Sour Thai Soup
We eat this in many places. Great stuff.

Fish Cakes
[picture on other camera] We ate this at the night-market. Greasy but good.

Thai style stir-fried noodles with peanuts. Don’t know if I will get another picture because I’m a little tired of eating this.

Ice Coffee

Very good. I guess I need a picture.

Papaya Salad

We had this at a road-side eatery today. We have it everywhere in Thailand, although we make ours non-spicy so the kids can eat it.

Apple Shake

Raw Shrimp
We had this at the resort restaurant. I don’t think we will have this again, so don’t expect a picture. It was very good… a little like ceviche. But its expensive.

Fried Bannana

We have had several variations of this.

Thai Beef Curry

Also too hot to eat. But really good for the first few bites before you get the PAIN. Eaten with rice. We get this at the Muslim eatery behind our hotel.

Mango with condenced milk and sticky rice

Some Indian dishes (Samosa, some bean dip thing, flat bread, etc)

Fried Squid

Deep Fried Squid

Banana Shake

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