Feb 172008

We are having a problem with our accomodations. Our hotel is overbooked and they are trying to kick us out…but I have not paid yet and I am demanding they put us in a better place. So in the morning I went scouting for other hotels. Actually, they have been asking us to leave since the first day we got there. Furthermore, several of the bungalows now have leaky roofs. And there is construction behind the resort. So, I sort of feel like moving anyhow. This place is getting too ghetto for the price tag.

Kenaz has been running a high fever…but only at night. So we are now giving him fever medicine and being very dilligent about keeping him out of the sun. He’s still having fun, but he is being too much of a Mommy’s boy. Akiva is doing great. I hope to get him to take actual swimming strokes by the end of the vacation. Today we are packed up and ready to move to a new hotel… we will see what happens. Phuket is all booked up. Too many decadent rich Europeans comming here. But more on my general observations in part 2.

(Scene from the construction site outside the first bungalow)

2/10/08 Sunday we moved into a new bungalow. We are now paying less than half the rent at the first bungalow, but don’t have TV or Airconditioning. We can live without these. The new place is far away from the contruction, so it is better. Still pretty ghetto though. We spend the day on the beach. Kenaz is a little better.

At the beach we created a fortress with car-port, bridge, moat, and lake. Akiva says his cars can jump over the moat if the bridge gets destroyed though.

2/11/08 Monday of this week, we first had brunch, then we went to Phuket Town. For brunch we ate at the hotel worker’s cafeteria located in an alleyway.

After brunch, we went to the old China Town in Phuket Town and bought “stuff”… cloths and nick-nacks. We spent the whole day in Phuket Town doing various shopping activities. It was fun.I drove a rental car all the way there. Akiva played in the drivers seat while we parked and turned on the parking lights, which caused the inferior battery to go dead. We then waited for the owner to come and fix the car. Below is a picture of the car. Notice the awsome parrallel parking job. That’s right. A left-hand drive parking job.

2/12/08 On Tuesday we got kicked out of the hotel restaurant. Here is what happened. We started the day going to the hotel breakfast buffet. The buffet sucks…just eggs, toast, and coffee. The last time we went there, they just charged for Haga and I. This time, the French restaurant owner…who is an arrogant faggot (and I don’t mean he is gay) … was there. The waiter charged us for three people… 480 bhat, or close to $15. I told him the day before they didn’t charge for Akiva, and besides, today Akiva didn’t eat anything at all. The waiter asked the manager about this. The manager said that last time was a mistake. I said Akiva didn’t eat anything so why should he charge me. He then asked me several times if Akiva really didn’t eat anything. Each time Haga and I said Akiva ate and drank nothing (its the truth). Finnally I said, “Well, did you not get a good education? Because you say you speak English yet you ask the same question again and again like you don’t understand my answer.”. He then gave money back and said don’t come back. I said “Fine by me. Your restaurant sucks and you are a dumb ass Fuckhead.” This is true by the way…the restaurant was not good…and it’s not owned by the hotel too.

In the afternoon we drove out to a Thai national park to ride elephants. We drove around alot and stopped off at a road-side eatery to have a small meal. Akiva and Kenaz played with the cats and watched the chickens walk around the “restaurant”.

(Muslim road-side eatery cook)

About the elephant ride, as I was busy making sure that the animal was not aggrevated and that our seats were fastened properly and that the pitch and role of the mount was within international standards, I did not have time to take pictures with my camera-phone, so you will need to wait for those pics. I know I will not look good in those pics because I was preoccupied.

When we returned to the hotel, we kicked the soccer ball and played in the sand. The hotel seems to have lost my laundry with my favorite shorts and all of the kids clean clothes. Don’t know what we are going to where tomorrow.

2/13/08 Wednesday. The approaching end of our vacation is nearer. We are all a little sick, but still having fun. Today was a beach and relaxation day. We got our laundry in the morning, so no problems there. It is a great joy to play in the sand and go swimming with the kids. Haga played Sumo wrestling with Akiva. We also made a boat out of empty water bottles and twine. We started teaching Akiva how to buggy board a little. No new pics today with my phone (other than some pics of the food we ate), but we should have some really good pics on the other camera, which we will upload when we get back to Suzhou.

Thats it for now. Will update later.

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