Feb 212008

This time of Phuket trip I really wanted to ride an elephant in a forest jungle. I read the good review about it. I thought Akiva would love it. The elephant ride was on the side of the park. It was a newly planted rubber trees land. It was quite different from my idea of forest jungle. We wanted to ride an elephant for one and half hours. But a lady boy (a cross dress boy) told us too long for kids. We chose for 40 minutes. On the top of elephant I felt very strange. It was sitting on a moving mountain. Jesse didn’t feel good. He nearly felt motion sickness. The elephant went down to a stream. He claimed up little hills. Every steps he took our bodies were slowly moved from left to up and right to down. It was amazing. I started thinking about a movie “The Lord of the Rings II”. Akiva really enjoyed the ride. We saw butterflies and dragonflies. Later on the beach we saw a six months old baby boy elephant. Akiva enjoyed petting him. We gave him banana and water. His hair on his back was very hard. Next time I want to try an elephant ride in a real jungle.

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  1. that is one of THE BEST pics you have taken! so cute! they’re petting babar. : )

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