Jan 272008

I thought snow would stop over the Saturday night. Yet it is still snowing on Sunday. It is very wet snowflakes stick together and melt instantly when it touches on the ground. We ate a left over birthday cake after breakfast and went out to play snow. Our Korean school mates’ dads were making a big snow man. We tried to make one too. Making a snow man was more difficult than what it looked. The first you have to squat on the slippery ground to roll around a snow ball. The snow ball gets really heavy. We could only make a small snow man. Oh, mighty Korean dads!
Kenaz didn’t want to play yesterday. Today he was more comfortable. He got on the snowy ground and had a good time with us.
It was really unexpected mass snow. Our fridge is empty. We have been ordering in Northern Chinese dumplings and Chinese sour cabbage soups.

[Updated on Monday]

[Jesse] This was part of my path to work. I rode my bike first to the telecom office to pay the phone bill for my company. The roads were part ice, part snow, part slush. I fell several times.

But at least when I took a short-cut through the park, it was very pretty. I wish I could have the time to get over to one of the historical gardens and take pictures there. But all the taxis and many busses have stopped running… so I don’t think I will make it accross town to the gardens.

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