Jan 082008

Christmas holiday is over.

Last night when Akiva went to pee, he looked at a little picture hanging in the bathroom in our new apartment and said “There is a Christmas tree”. In the picture, there were some pine trees on the mountain. To his eyes, a pine tree is already a symbol of Christmas….

I actually like Christmas here in China rather in the US. Yes, I have to listen to innocent children singing Christmas BGMs all the time. It doesn’t bother me that much. In fact, any Chinese people don’t go to a Christmas shopping. They don’t even have a day off. They really don’t celebrate Charismas either. It is just some event they don’t know anything about. I don’t feel like holiday either.
On the other hand, when I was in the US, I often got a holiday blue. Jesse doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but everyone else is in a holiday mood. I often got an idea if I should convert to a Christian and take free English lessen at church and eat Christmas dinner there. I also missed my family in Japan.

New Year came.

We moved to a new place on New Year’s Eve and had the party just Jesse and me. We watched Hero second season all the night. We opened the champagne.

3 days after New Year, I started working. I miss my kids but I also miss a hip hop class and its instructor at gym which always made my day. I am working at Japanese staffing service company in Suzhou. I went to the company to help me to find a job. They told me there is no job for me in Suzhou. Instead they asked me join to the company. I am very excited to going to work. However so far I don’t have many things to do. Jesse thinks I got an OL job (office lady job means make some copy and pour some tea for manager). This time of season is slowest in the year at work. Chinese New Year is coming within a month (this year is 6th of Feb). I will stick around this company and see where I am going from there.

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