Jan 292008

Biggest change of Kenaz is he started sleeping through all night long. During New Year’s holiday we stop giving him a bottle after his sleep. He used to wake up every three hours and asked for a bottle. Akiva sleeps next to him. I didn’t want to wake up him so I started giving him a bottle whenever he wants. It became his and my habit and it was really hard to change. For 2 days he cried. I had to tell him no more bottle. He cried and shook his head and asked for a bottle. On the third day he understood there is no bottle. A week after he stopped waking up in the middle of night. He sleeps from 9 pm till 7 am. He is a big boy and good boy now.
Kenaz can saying “bottle”, “qiche” (means a car in Chinese), “bao bao” (means ‘pick me up’ in Chinese), and “bao bao” (when he looks for me).
He loves jumping on a trampoline. He loves to eat broccolis like Akiva used to like when he was a baby. He wants to do everything Akiva does.

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  1. Hello Covners from the Raynors! Really enjoy your website – you guys are a model family for expats and others everywhere to observe. I know that bottle in the night habit is a tough one to break. Hurray for Kenaz for toughing it out! We Raynors are two boys age 11 and 4, and a girl 8 years old, and a mommy from China, and American dad. The youngest boy Ray still sleep w/ Mommy and Daddy. Maybe he should take some inspiration from Kenaz. Our Mommy has a sister lives only a couple blocks from you, and we bought an apartment in SIP last summer. Now we live in Philadelphia. Bye Covners – hope you have plenty of food, water, and heat this New Year with all those snow problems(!)

  2. Jesse and Haga,

    You all look well and so happy. The boys have grown so much, I can’t wait to see them. I always look forward to seeing new pictures of your beautiful family.

    Please come for a visit soon.


    Aunt Linda

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