Nov 052007

It was beautiful autumn weather on Saturday. We went to check a new SuzhouOutlet factory.
The Outlet has popular brands like Adidas, Nike, Rebook, and NineWest, but they are so expensive. The SuzhouOutlet is more like a high-end shopping mall like Stanford Shopping Center or Santana Raw in Northern California.Akiva wasn’t interested in window-shopping. He wanted see a boat in Jinji Lake. Jesse and Akiva ride a electric boat for a half hour. Kenaz and I hanged around at playground.
On the weekend We noticed Akiva now knows how to connect Lego blocks stronger. He likes to do Kanfu. He goes “Haa, Haaa” with Kanfu like movements. He also imitates holding gun and goes “pian-pian pian-pian”. Kenaz is very much into walking. He grabs my finger and walks around for long time.

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