Nov 302007

Kenaz and Akiva are getting bigger every day.

Kenaz is 14 months old now. He is able to walk by his self. He can say “Wow Wow” when he sees dogs or any other animals. He can wave his hands for good-bye. He can move hands for come over here. He communicates with us to point his finger and says “Uhu Uhu”. Sometime he means pick me up. Some other time is look at that. Kenaz wants to do everything Akiva does. He thinks he can jump off from sofa like his brother. He wants to walk on a top of fence like his brother too.

Akiva is 34 months old. He will be 3 years old at January. Today in the morning when Jesse was putting him dress to get ready for kindergarten. Akiva said “I want to wear underwear”. He has been wearing only pants nothing under. That way is easier to pull down his pants and go to a bath room. He never wanted to wear underwear anyway. Now he is a big boy. He needs to wear underwear. Today he wares green color underwear Spiderman picture in front.
He knows how to say Two PIECES of clothes in Chinese. There are many quantifiers in Chinese language. Perhaps I know how he learned. By this time of winter local kids wear at least four layers of clothes. Akiva always wear two. His teacher must say to him every day “Oh no, Akiva wears only two pieces of clothes.”
Akiva gets a little punk some time. Last weekend we went to a Chinese restaurant. Jesse and I sat at a round table. Akiva was between us (Kenaz sat on my lap). A waitress came by to pour some tea for Jesse. Her arm was shaking she couldn’t pour. She tried again. Her arm was still shaking and she was giggling. I didn’t know what was going on her. Then I saw Akiva. He was the one grabbing her arm and shaking.

Kenaz and Akiva are wearing a matching outfit for early Chanukah gift from grandma and grandpa.

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