Oct 262007

The above neighborhood looks a lot like Tierrasanta

From Mom: “Jesse told me that people have been asking about us. We are fine. The devistation in SD has been awful. 560,000 people had to be evaculated and many have lost there homes but luckily few have been hurt and there has only been 1 death. The Santa Ana winds are gone today and federal aid has brought more helicopters and planes to fight the fires. Thanks to everyone who was concerned about us.”

Thanks to all those who have wrote to us to share their concern. Also, our prayers go out to Denny’s Family (Fumie’s husband’s Uncle) who lost his home in the fire.

BTW, an interesting case of Deja-vu: life and times of the covners family in suzhou, china: Relieved

As for us in Suzhou… lets see…
Akiva is becoming a gangster by the time he is 3;
Kenaz is almost walking and he is becoming a fighter;
We went to Parent Day at Akiva’s kindergarten and two parents of girls told everyone that their daughters love Akiva;
Akiva’s teacher said Akiva is best at soccer, but feels shy when there are too many people around he does not know;
We discovered lead paint on the walls of our apartment;
Haga not renewing her Visa caused us to receive a $500 fine;
My nasal infection;
Akiva and Kenaz are having nose issues;
Akiva learning to say “G-d damn-it” from me;
Two weeks ago some goat-fucker stole my bicycle, but I got a new, better bicycle now;
Yesterday I gave a kick-ass presentation to a lot of German bosses;
And last week on three separate occasions some peasants on bicycles crashed into the taxi I was in.

To much to worry about.

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