Oct 312007

Last year we didn’t celebrate Halloween because I had Kenaz. This year we planed to go to a couple Halloween events over the weekend but Akiva and I got stomach flu. Monday we joined a Halloween party in our apartment complex. This year’s our theme is Superman again. I thought Akiva didn’t want to wear it because now he has an “own taste of fashion”. It is very hustle to put him clothes every morning and at night. In addition to that, Halloween is not popular in Suzhou. Akiva’s international kindergarten doesn’t do any events. He doesn’t know what Halloween is. Akiva was very in a good mood. He said he wanted to be a superman. He wasn’t even afraid to go to stranger’s houses. After five houses Akiva said he had enough and wanted to go home. I tried to convince him there were more houses and more candies. Again Akiva said it was enough.

We were back to home. Kenaz looked very serious. I think he was traumatized. On the other hand, Akiva was very happy to get a lot of candies.

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