Oct 312007

I was at KFC the other day. I had to have a quick lunch. It was already 1 o’clock. There wasn’t many people. I took my plate and sat on four person’s table. I started eating. A stranger sat on my table. I told her I want to eat by myself. She didn’t understand. I repeated myself. She couldn’t understand me. Instead she asked me “You mean you have a company?” I told her “Yes, there is someone.” She nodded and moved to a next table where a young woman was sitting and eating. The young woman didn’t pay attention to her a new company. There were a lot more available tables. I know why she wanted to share a table with me because most the locals don’t understand privacy and personal space. When they see chairs they sit. There is not much thinking behind. Anyway that woman made me feel I am a stingy urban bitch.

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