Aug 202007

When I was pregnant and lived in San Jose, CA, I often took a trail to Los Gatos where has a nice family park along a river. They had a train. It always looked fun to ride with kids.

On Saturday we went to a Suzhou park to ride a chu-chu train. The train went around the small rail three times. I got a little bit dizzy. We took a ride for airplane. It went up and down and flew around like fifteen times. Akiva’s not too safety belt came off while we were flying. Akiva took a merry-go-round. It went around for long time, and Akiva got bored. I was afraid he would change a horse in middle of it. Then we went to a gold fish fishing. I had very hard time to take care of two kids and concentrate to fishing. I got one gold fish within 15 minutes.

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