Aug 292007

I went to a Pearl Market in Suzhou with my friends. I have lived in Suzhou for two years but I never visited there. A lot of foreigners go there to buy souvenirs.

My friend took a magazine picture of Tiffany’s pearl necklace and wanted to make the exactly same one but 1/10 price. Other my friends also brought some designs from magazine to make a custom- made pearl accessories.

There were 50 small booths and 20 stores. They all sell the same stuffs, peals. My local friend said these small booths sell fake pearls which is pearl powder glued around a plastic ball.

Most the time I don’t wear necklace or pearl, so I didn’t know what to look or buy. In my mind, pearl necklaces are for a wedding or special occasions. Some fashionable people could wear it like Madonna or Channel. I guess my idea was wrong. There were a lot of new designs in the market.
The results of custom-made were excellent. The Tiffany necklace looks the exactly like the picture. All my friends were satisfied. I feel like I have to go back there again to make some custom-made ones.

88 Pearl Lake Road, Weitang Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou 

Bus (公交) : 712、83、84 (get off at the Pearl Lake Road stop中国珍珠(宝石)城) Free Shuttle(免费接送班车): 65401281、65404526
* could be changed
Taxi : 20 minutes from SIP

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  1. Hello there Ms. Haga,
    I wanted to visit Pearl City,since last year but when i tried to ask around Train Station, where i can take a ride, someone brought me to a pearl store just a couple of blocks away.I panicked and got scared, i took off immediately.
    When i read your post today, i got excited!
    Maybe you can share with me some details on how to get there. I live in SIP, also.
    But, i would rather take the bus, if there is any route you know, since i cant speak chinese, it would be very difficult to communicate with the taxi driver.
    What would be my best option?

    Thank you so much for your help.

  2. Hi Mariz,

    I added the direction. Hope it helps.

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